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Why would I contact someone to write an online dating profile? Isn’t this lying?


Writing about oneself can be like acting in a play without a director; you're more likely to make a wrong choice, miss the big picture, and make the audience yawn. I help you find your voice and express yourself in a way that will uplift you while doing wonders for your love life. It's about balancing the right tone with the right details so you don't fade into the background. points you in the right direction and helps you shine without hogging the spotlight. 


What's the process?


Within 24 hours of purchasing a package from, I contact you via email to set up an appointment. Depending on your purchase, we will chat for an allotted amount of time so I can get to know you a bit and glean important information that will go into your profile. 


How do I start?


Choose the option that’s right for you and let us do the rest. Someone will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your phone session.


What’s with the questionnaire? Do I have to fill it out?


The more I learn about you, the better. Just a little information says a lot, and this way, I can ask more specific questions in order to yield better answers. It will also prep you for your consultation and get you thinking about an interesting subject: you.


Choose The Whole Package if filling out questionnaires isn’t your thing.


What if my question isn’t listed here?


Please feel free to contact here and ask away!