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Linda was a project manager. She was looking to change her career, but she wasn’t sure how to discuss her current position or how to market herself. We gave her a great opener and a profile that tied the personal and professional elements together. Here’s a portion:


When I begin a new project, I first observe and then easily go with the flow. It's natural for me to approach things from different angles, especially since I'm an avid traveler who's energized by dealing with many things up in the air. Gauging what needs to be done and creating a plan is my forte, and I enjoy examining all of the pieces of a puzzle that account for a successful project. Getting things moving, relating and functioning well is in my DNA— just ask my kids about their morning routine before school. This is why, as a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience, I’m adept at building on my background as a project manager to maximize effectiveness and expertly execute tasks….